Children’s Rights – How One Mother Can Wreck The Lives Of Six Families Over Christmas?

Christmas is truly a special time of the year whether you are religious or not. For whatever reasons, most UK citizens will be celebrating Christmas with loved ones, families or long-lost friends.


For some families, however, Christmas will not be the same due to archaic UK laws, failing judges and because inadequate court systems fail to uphold the basic human right of children being able to spend adequate time with both their natural parents.


Some parents, mainly men, have to fight for years just to get the right to spend adequate time with their children due to one parent, that either does not respect the notion of father figures, or because they are out to seek revenge for personal reasons, despite the harm it could bring to the innocent party, the children.


Despite numerous studies and surveys illustrating the benefits of a child having access to both parents, many men in the UK still have to battle through courts just to see their sons or daughters, despite a serious welfare issue for the children concerned. Some men have fought for nine years or more, yet still their court orders are not upheld, allowing the mother to ruin the lives of the children involved.


The fact that tens of thousands of fathers, every year, have to go to court just to be able to see their children is a clear indication that something is wrong. Can you imagine how degrading it is to have to seek the court’s permission just to see your own children?


There is an indication that things may be changing, an example is the recent speech by Jack Straw which is available at: but even so, there is a long way to go before fathers are treated as equal parents.


Children’s rights, as well as fathers rights are a very important issue and organisations such as The Real Fathers For Justice   are leading the way to make a difference in the legal system.


I am also a victim of the legal system in the UK; my seven year old daughter has not been allowed to have normal contact with me since September 2007. It has taken 18 months just to get overnight visits back every fortnight and I am not allowed to see my daughter from 21st December until 31st December, just because my daughter’s mother decides it.


When we finally put our children’s rights first, things should change for the better, until then, I and thousands of other passionate parents like me will have to battle for our children to grow up in a fairer and humane society.


For more information and to have your say, visit and get involved now.

Telephone:  +44 (0)778 224 007 2


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