Missing My Baby

The wait for justice takes forever.

Having not seeing my daughter for over 2 weeks I got to see her overnight at the weekend and I took her ice skating and for a Sunday meal with 3 other children. A fantastic day and night was had and once again I have to return my daughter to her mother with another 2 weeks to wait to share more amazing times with my own flesh and blood.

I have never been in trouble with the law, never physically hurt anybody in my life and yet the UK family law courts and legal system allows a jealous, vindictive mother to abuse her daughter’s rights in order to hurt an ex partner (despite having left me for a student 15 years younger than me).

It is frightening to think that a mother can get away with harming her own children just because she wants to. The United Kingdom is meant to be a civilised, democratic society, yet UK laws still do not enforce court orders that are broken by mothers and the UK legal system allows children, the innocent victims of failed relationships, to suffer because, for one reason or another, one parent wishes to inflict emotional hurt on the other.

My daughter is a smart, seven year old girl that is as innocent as any other child, but she has beeen denied the right to see her father for two years because her mother got jealous about me moving on with my life with another partner, despite the fact it was her choice.

I have tried to get my daughter to Disneyland which she was very excited about, but she was told by her mother that I would leave her on her own, which naturally frightened her into not wanting to go.

The only country I WAS allowed to take her on holiday was Spain, where my parents live, but of course her mother could take her wherever and whenever she liked.

I have always been there for my daughter whenever she needed me and I had, up until Sep 2007 never missed any school events or open evenings, so I could see my daughter’s achievements and get involved more with her school, but for two years now I have been denied the basic human right of seeing my own child, which is a terrible shame as I am a passionate father with lots of knowledge and advice to give a child, so they can make their own mind up about their contribution to life and society.


One Response to Missing My Baby

  1. daughterlost says:

    Hello: Im right there with you. Im from the U.S.A and we have the same problem. My little girl is only four years old And im sure she doesn’t understand why her daddy hasn’t seen her in almost three months. Hold on and don’t loose the faith.Please visit my blog at daughterlost.wordpress.com

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