The Best Snowfall In the UK For Many Years And Wish I Could Play With My Daughter And Build A Snowman

It is the best snowfall for many years in England today and all schools are closed. Despite this, I cannot see my daughter and have fun in the snow with her. I am told she is “busy” today as there is a funeral tomorrow for her grandmother.

This is the kind of selfishness I have had to deal with since our daughter was born. the poor child, I am sure, would love to come out and play, but her mother does not care about that, she only wishes to hurt me and, in turn hurt her daughter in the process.

It has been a painful 2 years and despite having the judges and CAFCASS on my side, the legal system fails to act properly in these cases and the parent not living with the child suffers and ultimately it is also the child that suffers, not being able to have a balanced view of life, only a one-sided twisted view.


3 Responses to The Best Snowfall In the UK For Many Years And Wish I Could Play With My Daughter And Build A Snowman

  1. Mike Murphy says:

    Its tough but we are in the fight with you. We will prevail eventually but it it is hard waiting.

  2. lee1011 says:

    Thank for the comment Mike, I know we will get there, but the waiting is painful. I wish you all the best in your own struggle and hope that one day, sooner rather than later, a wave of common sense will sweep over our legal systems.

  3. Val says:

    I know exactly how you feel.
    MY wife returned to her country Spain in Aug 07 with my 7 year old.
    She new I would not have let our daughter leave so she blackmailed me by placing a legal charge againt MY house which would have prevented me ever selling without her consent even though she never paid one penny towards it .
    It was mine before I met her.
    She promised I could see my child regularly in Spain.
    I have lost ££££££££ on flights paid for but never taken as she has said my daughtr does not want to see me ,even though prior to her leaving we were great together doing activities and sports.
    I am in turmoil.
    My solicitor in Spain is crap and wants only ££
    he has had two thirds but I will not send any more.
    We must keep sane and keep hoping.

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