Joyful Yet Sad Day

Today my 7 year old daughter had her Holy Communion.  I was a very proud father today, but at the same time I was filled by emotions of sadness.

My baby mother and her family, all 15 of them were sitting nicely in Church with my daughter and I sat 5 rows behind them with my close friend of many years.  Despite being happy to see my daughter and proud of how she looked and acted, I could not help feeling bitter about the whole situation.

My daughter is the best thing to have ever happened to me and to have to constantly turn up at events like a spare part just destroys me. My baby mother’s boyfriend acts like he’s the Dad and I get left feeling hurt all the time.  I want to lash out and shout about it, but I know my ex will only use this to further alienate me from my daughter.

Am I over-reacting in this situation, should I be mature about it more?????

I may not be the most responsible person in the world, but I do believe in justice and I would never do anything to harm my daughter.

My only comfort today was that a wealthy relative of the baby mother got me to pose with my daughter and that showed me that at least 1 person has a heart and a conscience and it meant the world.

When you are so outnumbered at every occasion how can you deal with the situation, knowing what a b***** someone is being.

I want people to know what my baby mother is doing so I don’t always appear to be the lone Dad that just turns up at every occasion almost unwelcome.


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