Birthday Weekend With Daughter Cancelled Despite Court Order

My court order has now been broken for the third weekend.

I went to my daughter’s birthday party at McDonalds and when I asked my daughter’s mother what time I could pick her up, she replied “you know you haven’t got here and I’m not discussing it!”  Now, bear in mind this is my alternating weekend which has been in place for almost one year.

She seems insistent on alienating me from my daughter’s life, which can only harm our daughter as we have a great bond, but she still keeps trying to brainwash her and you can visibly see my daughter is uncomfortable when I and her mother are near each other, it is such a shame as our job is to teach and protect our child.

Yesterday was meant to be the day I took my daughter to choose her new bike for her birthday, instead I spent the day upset and confused, this is now the third weekend that my daughter’s mother has cancelled, despite having a court order stating they were my weekends.

Where are my child’s rights?
Why is parental alienation not stamped out?
When will father’s rights be enforced?


5 Responses to Birthday Weekend With Daughter Cancelled Despite Court Order

  1. Jason says:

    Your stories are extremely similar to my situation. I really feel for you. What I can tell you is to be strong. My daughter is 6 1/2 and the situation seems identical. Maintain your relationship with her. She may say “I don’t want to go”, etc.. etc… Take her. You’re the parent. It is important for you to maintain that relationship with her whether she realizes it or not. As long as you hold a strong integrity, she will never regret anything you ever did. Be her father regardless of what is going on around her and you. All the alienation her mother may do will eventually come around to bite her in the butt and I believe that. But, you HAVE TO maintain that relationship with your daughter. No matter how uncomfortable you may feel like doing so. You’re doing the right thing, and that’s what matters. Support HER relationship with both parents. That’s what she needs.

    • lee1011 says:


      Thank you for your kind words. I am getting stronger all the time and I am strating to slowly see a change in the way her mother behaves, although she is still being as slow as possible to give me access throught the courts.

      It is not only fathers rights I am fighting for, it is children’s rights to see both parents I am fighting for.

      I am now doing my best to help others in this situation and I hope to give back what help I have received from some great people and organisations.

      I have been through a personal hell, but I am now in a position where I sincerely believe justice may actually happen, it is just a shame it has to rely on a judge who, despite powers available will go as slowly as possibly just to not annoy the mother that is committing a gross injustice on her own daughter.

      I really do not understand how society can just sit by whilst parents can easily deny access to the other parent, out of spite and hatred, this is one of the most serious crimes as it damages society and it is easy to see how society has changed due to absent fathers and the lack of discipline in todays society.

      Let’s hope the UK and other countries wise up fast and correct the damage done from insufficient laws to protect children and BOTH parents.

  2. KENT GENOVESE says:

    basicly, you are screwed. the courts will do nothing to help and many psycologist who claim to be versed in parent alienation are not. They claim to be as in today’s society parental alienation is being exploited by many attorneys (the cancer of america)and the real alienation cases are not gettng the attention they need. The courts are very quick to act on baseless claims and allegations regarding physical and sexual abuse. Mental abuse (PA is just that)they do zero. I went through this very same thing when my daughter was 12, now 15. $100K later five psycologists later, situation is no better now then it was three yers ago. Honestly, do what you can but it will only get worse… and yes, you will be elimated from your daughter’s life. I know it sounds harsh but trus me. I have been there. The best you can do is accept the loss and move on. Do what you can because it is important to know that you did everything in your power to not let this happen. Good luck.

    • lee1011 says:

      I understand your point but I cannot stop. I thought about it long and hard years ago and I will not give in.

      I believe I have alot to offer my daughter and if I can make her a better person than her mother then I have achieved something. nobody is telling her mother what she is doing wrong, but with me in her life, my daughter will have a balanced view on life and I will give her my advice from experiences. It may be a long, hard battle but my daughter deserves to know both parents and if I gave up I would be giving up on my daughter, who is the innocent one in all of this.

      She is 8 years old and like most children she has her bad moments, but I would do anything to make her life better and make her understand the bigger picture in life, not just tv and technology.

      It is failure to just give up. I truly understand your situation sounds alot worse than mine, but I believe in kindness, I believe in justice and I believe in fighting for what is right, so I will never stop or give in as my daughter needs me in her life.

  3. Brian Norcross says:

    Kent is correct. I hate to say it Lee but you are a little nieve when it comes to today’s legal system. Yes, it’s always good to hope but the reality is unless the courts step in and address the alienating parent’s behavior your child will soon begin to align with the alienating parent’s way of thinking. Get ready to spend a lot of money on the issue as there will be very little help out there for you. Good luck to ya.!

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