Childrens Rights Need To Be Considered More To Help Avoid Fathers Being Alienated From Their Children

At my last court review hearing, although I received increased contact which is a positive step towards my requested contact schedule, it was made apparent to me that the view of the legal system and of the social worker attending the hearing, was that midweek contact between my daughter and me may not be a good idea and be disruptive for my daughter.

Since when and how is it disruptive for a child to be brought up with two loving parents that have their best interests at heart.

Before contact was denied and the court process started I used to see my daughter midweek and she loved it. I just do not understand why children’s rights and children’s bests interests are not being addressed properly in the UK. I simply cannot see how any damage can be done by blood parents wanting to be more involved in their own child’s lives, surely any child would wish for such a thing?

If common sense were used in family courts and judges were given the proper powers to act on these issues, then maybe more serious issues would be dealt with, such as parental alienation, coaching, brainwashing or whatever else you want to call it.


2 Responses to Childrens Rights Need To Be Considered More To Help Avoid Fathers Being Alienated From Their Children

  1. Barry says:

    I feel physically sick Reading this. I have a son 2 years old and it would break my heart if anyone said that I could’n’t see him during the week. There are so many fathers who don’t bother and the the ones like yourself who want to bother and go the extra mile are not aloud. This is disgusting. I really hope you are able to see your daughter as often as possible and feel so sad that this country side with normally the woman when common sence can see you want to be in your childs life. I am on this site because my current partner has made the odd remark that I would’t be aloud to see my child If we split which worries me because my world would end, but she knows it is the only thing that would get to me. I have an amazing relationship and bond with my son but live in fear that it will be taken away for spite. This can’t be right.

    • lee1011 says:


      Thank you so much for your comment and I will never stop fighting, but at the same time I can’t ever see my ex change her ways, so I guess it is all down to the judge and CAFCASS, which scares the hell out of me.

      Please get involved with the new blog site I have at

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