Why Try And Brainwash An Innocent Child?

I’m sitting at the airport on my way to visit my parents who moved abroad 4 years ago and as usual I am missing my daughter.

I have a life; several growing businesses, many passions and a girlfriend with children of her own. Yet still I sit here and think of my beautiful angel that means the world to me.

Today is her mother’s birthday and I kindly (maybe stupidly) dropped my daughter off early so that she could spend more time with her mother, knowing fully that the mother would never do the same for me.

My daughter loves my parents (her grandparents) but when I asked her this morning, she said that she would not want to go with me if her mother allowed it.

Despite the fact that my daughter enjoys time with me, my girlfriend and her grandparents, she is continuously being coersed or brainwashed into thinking otherwise.

It is terribly sad to see that her mothers parental alienation tactics are actually working.

I know for a fact that she loves the time spent with me and with my girlfriend and her 2 children, but at the very mention of seeing them, she gets uneasy and upset and she does not know why, which is very saddening to witness.

This poor innocent child has been subjected to jealousy, parental alienation and been at the centre of a nasty court battle for far too long, but her mother continues to act against her best interests and I constantly feel like I should just try and remove my feelings for my own daughter, but this just is not possible.

I adore my child and why should it have to be any other way?


2 Responses to Why Try And Brainwash An Innocent Child?

  1. 76char says:

    i met my ex boyfriend approx 3yrs ago, he had a lovely 5 yr old daughter at the time and my 2 girls, one 18months ,and my other 4ys old.

    Everything was perfect, my boyfriend had regular contact with his Daughter, so we enjoyed evenings and weekends together, and would often take all 3 girls away or just enjoyed days out , doing normal things that families do.

    However things started to go badly wrong, it seemed that my boyfriend ex partner (mother of his child ) started to dislike me.

    His daughter become very distant from me and my 2 children, we would often be told that we were hated, not her family and sometimes she would hit my 2 girls in anger shouting at them ” i hate u ”

    This was not like her in anyway, and seemed that the reason she had become so angry and hateful towards us, was that her mother was slowly twisting her thoughts to not like us. Maybe her mother was jealous, but i cant see why, all i did was love that little girl as one of my own, it was very important to me for us all to be happy, my boyfriend was the happiest i saw him when his daughter was about.

    In the last 2 yrs, everything fell apart, my boyfriends ex,continued to poison this poor little girl , against me , my girls and about life in general, then eventually against her own father. This little girl struggled with her emotions and feelings to the point that she become the most hateful and negative 8yr old i have every experienced (no fault of her own)

    For nearly 18months contact was stopped as eventually my boyfriends daughter was so insecure she demanded not to see him again, for some reason all of sudden she was scared of him. He battled with the courts , his emotions where shattered,and his business suffered , the impact of him loosing his daughter was devastating, and no-one seemed to be able to help him, and still years on he is still fighting.

    He is now seeing his daughter every other weekend ,but still fighting for access to see her in the week, and to be able to take her on holiday, but yet the mother still continues to say NO..

    As a result of all this our relationship feel apart, he foumd it hard to be around my 2 girls as he was feeling so much pain about missing his daughter. We all suffered my boyfriend , my girls and of course me. As a result of one nasty, jealous , bitter and hateful person (childs mother ) my ex boyfriend has lost quality time with his daughter, my girls a step-father that they adored and me the man i wanted to spend the rest of my life with…. EVERYONE gets hurts….. (mothers should not be allowed to destroy lives like this )

    • lee1011 says:

      Charlotte, thank you for your support and your post.

      Children are the most important aspect of any break-up, sadly some parents only think about themselves and the children suffer.

      Keep up the support and please post on our new website http://www.fathers-rights.co.uk

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