Father’s Rights Still Being Ignored

Despite efforts by FNF (Families Need Fathers),  a government-backed father’s rights organisation, there is still gross injustice in the family law courts when it comes to separated fathers and their  rights in seeing their own children.

Slow progress has been made over the past few years but much more needs to be done to protect our children’s rights from being neglected.

To support children’s rights and father’s rights visit http://www.fnf.org.uk


One Response to Father’s Rights Still Being Ignored

  1. Sara Schoonover says:

    I want to talk about injustices, occuring every day, concerning custody reallocations. When a parent, who is brought to court by their ex and has to fight for their rights to keep their child, does not have legal representation they are forced to represent themselves. In these cases, the aggressor could say whatever they want about the other parent and the judge will likely believe them, for the parent being attacked cannot reply to these claims unless they are asked specific questions about the claims. Even if both parties have attornies, the plaintiff/respondent still cannot address important concerns unless they are addressed by either attorney (or the judge).I have a lot to say about custody reallocations and will be posting often.

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