Parental Alienation And The Damage Caused To Children

Parental alienation has been widely accepted as a term used to explain the brainwashing or conditioning of children by a resident parent (usually the mother) whereby they persuade the child against contact with the non-resident parent or persuade the child not to be enthusiastic about contact with the non-resident parent or their new partner.

Being on the receiving end of parental alienation is not pleasant thing. Since the birth of my daughter I have had to battle with the mother to be considered as an equal parent, but eight years on I am still battling to be acknowledged as a valued parent.

My ex-partner (mother of our daughter) never had a proper father as he split from his wife and never kept in proper contact and I personally think that this has a had a knock-on effect, because my daughter’s mother seems to think that I am not an important part of our child’s life and this is very saddening for both me and our daughter.

Too often I witness parents that do not seem to care enough about their children and it saddens me to know that I am willing to give my heart and soul to make my daughter’s life more meani9ngful, yet I am constantly battling with her mother just to be treated as an equal.

One Response to Parental Alienation And The Damage Caused To Children

  1. Jeff says:

    Thank you for recognizing the value of fatherhood and making a stand for it.

    I can’t say I empathize, because I am not in your situation, but I am sorry for the pain that you are experiencing – and glad for the joy you can share with your daughter.

    Stay the course, and don’t let your love grow cold. I pray that you’ll have the strength to avoid bitterness. The world may beat and beat on you, but I believe you can show them that a Father’s love for his children is a rock not easily eroded.

    One Dad to Another,

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