Fathers And Childrens Rights

Why should any legal system deny a father the right to spend equal time with his son or daughter?

With the growing problems in society today it is clear that fathers rights and childrens rights are being overlooked, which is destroying the family values that childen require, to grow up with a balanced opinion and stability.


One Response to Fathers And Childrens Rights

  1. chris says:

    According to the British Government, Fathers have no place, they are just a money figure and this Government will bend over backwards to make sure fathers pay towards the up-keep of their children. its almost like this Government think all fathers are guilty because they are all treated the same whether they have or have not caused the relationship to fail. A man can spend more time with his children than the mother he can also spend years contributing putting a family home together for his wife and children and yet one day if the woman decides she no longer loves her partner, its generally the man who has to leave the home and before he has a chance to get any sort of order in his life, he is hit with maintenance, basically for some they are left on the scrap heap, no where to go, no home, lost everything, then depending on his ex he can either have easy access to his children or she can block contact which then he has the joys of having to go to court, which she will usually get a slap on the wrist and yet the damage that she has caused is far greater. where children are concerned some men are like little boys having to ask permission to see their own children.
    In some cases this country is guilty of making some children fatherless because they have took the rights away from fathers.

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