This site was setup by a loving father that is being denied proper access to his daughter. As of June 2009, it has taken an eighteen (18) month court battle just to get overnight access every two (2) weeks.

Before this court action took place, I had weekly access to the child I love and adore and I was able to take her away on holiday several times, although I was only allowed to take her to Spain where my parents lived. The UK legal system allows ANY mother to stop contact between a child and it’s father, due to insufficient laws that allow mothers (in the majority of cases) to use the parental alienation syndrome without any legal body really doing anything constructive about it.

It DOES NOT MATTER if you are married  or not, ANY mother can stop access to a father and there is NOTHING you can do to FORCE a mother to give you access, UNLESS she agrees to it. Judges and the legal system will not help you unless you are prepared for a long, emotionally-costly battle.

99% of fathers do not know this and have to spend thousands of pounds in court trying to gain access to their own children. Who suffers, the children and the fathers.

Until the laws and are changed, OUR children are suffering because archaic laws have not been changed. Fathers should have equal parenting rights just like a mother and this will give children a happier balance and ultimately help society become a better place.

Please spread the word and use this site as a means to get the word across the internet, so more people are aware of the grave mis-justice being carried out in the UK and other parts of the world.

Our children’s basic human rights are being ignored in countries that claim to have democratic societies with fair and just laws.

Thank you for your support and lets hope and pray laws are changed to protect our innocent children and make families an important part of life.

Parental alienation and fathers rights are major issues that need tackling and they need your support!


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